Friday, May 4, 2012

Obligatory First Post

Hello Internet! The name’s Parker and this little sliver of the World Wide Web you’ve stumbled upon is my blog. It has the distinction of being my first foray into blogging (yes, yes I know I’m late to the party).
I’m starting this blog for a number of reasons. One of them is that I am currently studying journalism in college. If there’s anything I’ve learned about being a journalist in the 21st century so far, it’s that if you don’t have a blog you might as well not exist. Thus I figured I better get one under my belt sooner rather than later. Not only will it give me experience with communicating to an online audience, but it will also be a perfect avenue for me to practice writing. I’m sure you can tell by now that I really need it!

Most of all however, I just want to write about cartoons and video games! I’ve heard countless times that one should write about what they love and I am following that advice to a Tee. Cartoons and video games have been my outmost obsessions ever since childhood and are pretty much the only things I can call myself an expert of. After all, it’s also important to write about the things you know something  about. Otherwise you’re just doing what the folk’s over at  Conservapedia do.

Besides the fact that it will fall within the scope of animation and electronic gaming, you can expect the content of this blog to be as random a Politian during an election year. I’ll be trying to provide a myriad of different content; including reviews, episode guides, and Top 10 Lists. (Expect A LOT of Top 10 Lists)
Well, that’s all that I’ve got to say for now. See you at the next post!

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